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How Herbal anti-viral and nutritional support can help against Coronavirus

Given the extensive media coverage, a huge amount of people are deeply concerned and have already contacted me. Coupled with the rapid spread of the virus and my knowledge and potential to offer help, I have decided to give pro-active suggestions to put us all in the best possible place should this Corona Virus affect us, our loved ones, or people we know.

The extent of severity connected with this Corona Virus in patients has been directly linked with the levels of circulating inflammatory cytokines. Inflammatory mediators such as IL (Interleukins) and TNF-a (Tumour necrosis factor alpha) besides others, commonly cause a ‘cytokine storm’’ (Ref 1: Lancet, January 24th 2020). In short: the higher these inflammatory markers, the more severe the effects and outcome of this virus appear to be.

In 2008 I wrote parts of my dissertation on these inflammatory cytokines and whether herbs could play a role in addressing these. My hypothesis was positive. I have pooled enough scientifically peer reviewed research to show their effects and based on this have come up with a herbal anti-viral / anti-inflammatory blend plus an anti-viral essential oil mix, which aim to reduce the severity of this cytokine storm. I have included herbs which are anti-viral and support the respiratory system. The main area where the cytokine storm shows effect are the lung tissues which can give rise to shortness of breath: a sign of inflammation. Fever, myalgia (muscle pain) and cough are the first symptoms.

If you experience those initial symptoms, remember it could just be the common cold but I would suggest you start with my Anti-Viral tincture immediately. Stop taking my other herbs, if you are and email me for clarification.

My ANTI VIRAL* herbal preparations are by all means no substitute for any other medical treatment and should only be taken when one feels already unwell.

Leading up to that possible event, a strong immune system, good nutrition, adequate rest and exercise can put you in the best place to deal with the possible event of catching this Corona Virus or any other flu/cold.

The FIT AS A FIDDLE* herbal tincture (or tea) is an all-around immune system support which keeps me going throughout the winter months. It can be taken preventatively.

Stop taking it if you suspect you have the Corona Virus and move on to the anti-viral tincture immediately.

IMMUNE & COUGH SUPPORT* tincture (or ‘fit as a fiddle’ tea or Cough Tea) enhances your immune response and lungs as it includes respiratory antiseptics, soothers and strengtheners. If your lungs are your weak area or if you have a cough already, then this is your mix. If you feel a fever coming on or shortness of breath move on straight to the ANTI VIRAL* blend which I have specifically designed for the Corona Virus (it focuses in the respiratory tract extensively), and call your medical practitioner or 111. Stop the ‘fit as a fiddle’ and cough and immune blend.

Email me and we can discuss the ANTI VIRAL essential oil blend which is aimed to work as a perfect combo with the anti-viral tincture; by killing the virus!

Liposomal Vit C is hugely effective in battling infections (PubMed, Nov 2017). Liposomal Vit C has the best absorption rate  – we offer it at the clinic in the form of ‘Altrient C*’

Fish oils are potently anti-inflammatory too. I am happy to guide you to the best brand for you.

Probiotics are also important. They are intrinsically connected to a healthy immune system. Even just drinking tap water alters our gut health. You probably require a brand with a larger VARIETY of strains, just having many billions of 4 or 5 strains is not enough. Ideally, you need 14 or 15 strains to cover your whole GIT tract.

I am happy to discuss any of these issues with you. If you experience any underlying health conditions and/or take medications; have allergies to any ingredients or might be pregnant, please contact me so that we can ascertain whether the suggested herbal medicines or supplements are appropriate for you. If not, we can discuss an alternative strategy.

Wishing you health and happiness. There is always something that can be done!

For any questions please email me, anytime at:

*Janine’s herbal products are available at the Clinic, and she is available for consultations at the clinic about any aspects of our health. Please contact her directly to make an appointment