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Reiki And The Journey Of Recovery

By Laura Stonehouse

Sometimes staying grounded is challenging – especially when you are challenged in the physical body with injury or illness. I am a firm believer in the power of recovery as part of the healing process which comes from rest (really find it hard to practice this one), nutrition, exercise, post op treatment, physio and so on... we are so well educated about all of these elements but being stable, healthy and balanced in the body necessitates being grounded in one’s inner emotional life.

The relationship between the mind and the body is one of the closest you will ever have. The two are inseparable. And yet more often than not, we talk to ourselves in our inner voice critically and evaluate our actions as falling short of the bar rather than choosing to talk to ourselves as we would a best friend – instead we are constantly giving ourselves a hard time for all the things we are not and all the things we haven’t done or did ‘badly’ rather than focusing on the things we managed to do and celebrating our achievements.

We can spend years suffering from painful experiences carrying these burdens in our minds and endlessly grinding through them in quiet moments in our inner life. These are injuries we often don’t seek to recover from – we seek treatment for the physical body but not always for the mind. Recovery from physical injury can include so many more elements than just the physical recovery protocols.

Recovery can include therapies that support our thinking mind and ease the emotional distress we experience caused by what is happening in the body. These therapies are powerful tools in the in the healing process.

I took some time out yesterday – took a step out of my daily life and went to see Lyndell @undertreewithme for’s not the only session I have had or will have to support myself but it is part of a tapestry of well-being that I am weaving around my heart.

To keep it healthy, to keep it hopeful and to keep it strong. Beautiful words I hear you say, but quite simply the basic law of recovery in sports science states that how you recover will dictate your capacity for endurance going forward and help prevent injuries. It will keep you strong and aid the healing process.

If you haven’t tried Reiki or considered complementary therapies to support the recovery from injury or ill health, I would urge you to research the many options available whether it is Reiki, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage or Talking therapies...there are so many more options. Reiki is available with Lyndell at the Claygate Clinic – to book call the Claygate Clinic on 01372 464659.