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Our Nutritionist gives tips on nutritional support against Coronavirus

By Ann Shaw – Nutritionist at TCHP

A healthy diet is paramount to provide all the nutrients we need to ensure a strong immune system. Optimising immunity is key in preventing viruses from taking hold on us. In this instance of the Coronavirus, the most effective nutrients for immune support are Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and a good quality probiotic. A nutrient-dense diet will also help to ensure optimum health and fight illness, and remember too that a positive and optimistic attitude go a long way!

Vitamin A improves immunity through maintenance of barrier membranes and development of lymphatic tissues. If taken immediately there are sore throat, a cold or flu symptoms, it can prevent the development of a more serious issue going beyond the throat. Probiotics taken as a supplement have been shown to significantly reduce the occurrence and symptoms of coughs and colds. A good quality probiotic also helps flush out toxins from the liver and lungs. Zinc is vital too in strengthening the immune system, and of course vitamin ‘C’ and vitamin D3 are commonly known to fight infection. .

Whilst the clinic is closed, I am still available for consultations using skype or telephone and offering a reduced rate at these trying times. Contact the Claygate Clinic on 01372 464659 for more information