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Holistic Spinal Care (HSC) is a straightforward holistic system of care focused primarily on the spine and the nervous system, particularly those places where the nerve communication is not getting through in the way it should.

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What Is Holistic Spinal Care?

Holistic Spinal Care focuses on finding restrictions in the movement and function of the bones and joints that are affecting the way the nerves send messages of communication in the body.

This is done using a highly developed sense of touch, or palpation and a form of bio-feedback that is felt at the back of the head.



What to expect:

When these restrictions, or 'occlusions' are found Ralph works to clear them using gentle, safe movements which are delivered with a small hand held adjusting instrument known as the Accustim. This device is set to vibrate at 12-14 cycles per second (similar to a woodpecker) and that frequency is one that stimulates the postural reflexes through the spinal nerves.

The adjustments are gentle, they are mostly performed in upright or 'active' postures (sitting, standing, walking along etc) and there is no need to undress or to wear special clothes.

New patient 1hour - £81
Follow up 15 mins £42

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    Ralph Mitchell

    Ralph Mitchell

    Holistic Spinal Care

    Ralph qualified as a chiropractor over 20 years ago and practiced chiropractic in Claygate up to October 2020. Ralph trained in a holistic method of spine and body adjustment in 2005, called Koren Specific Technique, or KST, named after it's originator Dr Tedd Koren DC.


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