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Having originally qualified & practiced as a chiropractor, Ralph now specializes in the Koren Specific Technique (KST)- which he feels gives him even better results.



What Is Koren Specific Technique

K.S.T. is a bio-feedback method of assessing the nerve reflexes that control alignment & movement of bones.

Where necessary, gentle adjustments are made by using an Arthro-Stim Instrument - a small hand-held device that delivers gentle measured impulses.

K.S.T. has produced successful results with people complaining of various conditions including -

Pain / stiffness in the muscles & joints of the head, neck, arms, back, pelvis, hips, legs (eg sciatica), knees, feet ;

& in people with mental & physical stress.



What Is zone Technique?

There are 6 Zones in the brain, each of which exists to control and regulate a particular body system.

They are:-

     Zone 1 : GLANDULAR

     Zone 2 : ELIMINATIVE

     Zone 3 : NERVOUS

     Zone 4 : DIGESTIVE

     Zone 5 : MUSCULAR

     Zone 6 : CIRCULATORY

Every cell in the body comes under the control and regulation of one of the zones.

When every zone is balanced so it is working perfectly, there can be no symptoms or illness in the body.

Zone Technique has a straightforward system to re-balance any of the zones that require it.

How does it work?

The brain and the spinal cord together make up the central nervous system.

The spinal cord has several levels, corresponding to each of the vertebrae in the spine.

Nerves branch out from every level of the spine and connect to particular organs, tissues and body parts.

Each of the 6 Zones has a unique set of 4 corresponding levels in the spinal cord.

The nervous system is like an electrical circuit, where the brain is the +ve pole and the spinal cord is the -ve pole.

Manually stimulating the correct 4 levels for a zone is enough to reset it and bring it back to balance.


About Me

I qualified as a chiropractor in 1998 and practiced chiropractic for over 20 years. I learned KST from Dr Tedd Koren DC in 2005 and Zone Technique from Dr Peter Goldman in 2022.

In October of 2020 I stepped aside from my registration as a chiropractor, ie; I no longer call myself a chiropractor.

 " So, what do you call yourself these days?"

I call myself Ralph, or Ralph P Mitchell DC in full. It doesn't matter. It's what I do that counts and what I do is I balance peoples bodies so that they can heal. I use original chiropractic principles with Zone Technique and modern day KST protocols to improve nerve flow and to rebalance the control zones in the brain. This means the body can get back to normal healthy function.

It's normal to be healthy. Let's get you back to normal.


Ralph Mitchell

Ralph Mitchell

Holistic Spinal Care

Ralph qualified as a chiropractor over 20 years ago and practiced chiropractic in Claygate up to October 2020. Ralph trained in a holistic method of spine and body adjustment in 2005, called Koren Specific Technique, or KST, named after it's originator Dr Tedd Koren DC.


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