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A Biomechanical Assessment is an in-depth analysis by our team of highly trained and experienced osteopaths who understand how pain and injury across the whole body can be affected by how well your feet move.

We use the latest Gait Analysis technology, GaitScan™ to gain valuable information about how differences in pressure points in the feet are stressing other joints in the body..

How Do I Know If I Need A Biomechanical Assessment?

A Biomechanical Assessment is for you if:

  • You have pain in your feet, ankles, legs, knees, plantar fascia, hips, spine
  • You think you may benefit from insoles/orthotics
  • You have injuries from your current sport/activity
  • You want to take up a new sport/activity and want to prevent injuries
  • You want to optimise how you do your current sport/activity or take it to the next level


If you are not sure whether you would benefit from a biomechanical assessment please don't hesitate to contact us on 01372 464659 or send us an email using the contact form below.


The Assessment:

Your biomechanical assessment will include all of the following:

  • Technical Gait Analysis on a pressure plate of your feet and posture, using GaitScan™ technology
  • A Video Movement Analysis on a treadmill (walking & running-if appropriate)
  • Full case history and chat about your health, injuries, sports and activities
  • Postural assessment and functional tests of the Spine, Hips, Legs, Knees and Feet
  • Assessment of your everyday and exercise footwear
  • Advice, referrals for treatments, orthotic prescription
  • A customised report provided from your GaitScan™ analysis


What To Bring To The Appointment:

  • Any trainers, casual shoes, work shoes that are worn regularly, any previous/old orthotics or insoles.
  • Wear close fitting comfortable sports wear (leggings/shorts, t shirt) and trainers for the walking or running
  • A completed patient registration form which will be sent to you ahead of your appointment


The Results Of The Assessment

After your assessment we will discuss the results with you, and give you the results in a report to take home. We will also create a personalised follow-up plan for you which may include:

  • Customised Orthotics (these are in addition to the Biomech fee) £200
  • Advice on training and footwear
  • Exercises for strengthening and stretching which are specific to you, using an easy to use an online, video-based exercise App.
  • A discussion of and referral to in-Clinic treatment options such as Osteopathy, Massage, Acupuncture, Pilates
  • Referrals to Orthopaedic specialists, Foot surgeons


How Much Does it Cost?

Initial assessment and consultation (Suitable for adults and children over 8 years)

  • £150 for 1 hour consultation

If customised orthotics are required:

  • £200

There will be follow up appointments if orthotics are ordered (cost of follow up appointment is included in price of orthotics):

  • Orthotic fitting around 3 weeks after ordering- 15 mins - Cost is included
  • Re-scan to check improvements from exercises, and check orthotics etc -15-30 mins
  • Adjustments to orthotics are included in the price. We guarantee that if after 6 months you are not happy with your orthotics, you can return them and get a refund on the price of the orthotics.


Our Therapist

Hannah Angell

Hannah Angell

Registered Osteopath

Hannah uses a range of techniques depending on the individual including spinal mobilisations, manipulation, acupuncture/dry-needling, kinesiology taping, soft tissue, sports massage and muscle energy techniques. She is also an experienced cranio-sacral osteopath. Hannah has recently retired as an elite triathlete having been competing internationally and representing GB for the past 8 years. Hannah became two time European Aquathlon Champion as well as being selected to represent Team GB at the World Beach Games. Her experience training and competing at an elite level has given Hannah an excellent understanding on a number of sporting injuries and a good understanding of what athletes go through.


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