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Reflexology is a safe yet effective treatment of the feet ( sometimes hands ). The history of Reflexology dates back to Ancient Egyptians who saw the benefits of this type of treatment for wellness.
Reflexology uses focussed pressure on points of the feet that are understood to correlate to certain parts, or systems in the body. It is a great way to unblock stagnant energy, stimulating the body and yet able to relieve it of stresses and strains. It is deeply relaxing and not ticklish as some imagine!

What Reflexology Can Help:

Reflexology Claygate Clinic

What to expect:

At the first session the reflexologist will take a full medical history and spend time understanding your complaint.  You will then be asked to remove your shoes and socks and she will massage the feet and hands focussing on specific points. Some of these points may be quite tender and this is usually where the problem is located.

Reflexology can help the body restore its natural balance. Typically, after a treatment you may feel relaxed and your tension is reduced. You might also notice that you are sleeping better and that your mood and sense of wellbeing has improved. You may also find that other aspects improve too; however, this happens on an individual basis.

This is a relaxing session and afterwards you will feel calm and peaceful.

To find out more about the theory of how reflexology click here read our latest blog 

Zoe Ross, Kate Hurren and Claudia Bruen

Approximately 50mins/1hr - £68

Reflexology For Fertility

Reflexology is a sucessful fertility boosting therapy. Apart from relaxation, it can boost circulation and balance hormone levels. Reflexology can be very beneficial for those undergoing fertility treatment.

Claudia Bruen

Cost: £70

Reflexology For Maternity

Reflexology during pregnancy is a safe and supportive therapy and can be really effective in helping you manage some of the symptoms experienced with pregnancy and those that may follow in the post natal phase such as heartburn, morning sickness, pelvic girdle pain, oedema (in feet and lower legs) and preparation for birth.

Claudia Bruen and Sharon Bullen

Cost: £70

Reflexology For Menopause

Zoë has also trained with Ziggie Bergman and Louise Keet to offer you a unique Menopause, Face, Feet and Hands Reflexology treatment. This is not a facial but a customised programme incorporating unique, rhythmical and focussed touch.

As described by course Creators 'a powerful Menopause Reflexology treatment aimed at freeing energies along the longitudinal zones from the face and hands to the feet, that focuses on key reflexes for common menopausal symptoms supported with a rationale in a unique and effective way that supports energy flow, along with the benefits of Reflexology. The focus of the treatment will aim to reduce symptoms on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

Gentle touch reflexology for Babies and Children

Gentle touch reflexology for Babies and Children is a soothing and effective treatment where the lightest of touch is applied to either the hands or the feet. It is suitable for newborns all the way up to teenagers.

Gentle touch reflexology is designed to enhance their own natural healing ability by using a  specific massage on the feet or hands. Every area of their feet or hands corresponds to all areas and systems of their body. By working gently and knowledgeably with these reflex points, it is possible to assist the body and emotional health.
Regular reflexology treatments strengthen the bond between parent and child. It has been found that regular treatment, can improve immune health, helping to decrease chances of ailments and illnesses occurring.
Sharon Bullen
Baby to age 3 - 30 minutes - £35
Age 4 and up - 30/40 minutes - £40
Some of the benefits for baby and child
* Promotes better sleep
* Boost immune system
* Relieves pain and tension
* Supports  and encourages  digestion
* Relieves constipation
* Helps relieve colic and reflux
* Improves concentration
* Promotes better focus
* Alleviates the feelings of anxiousness and agitation
*A Parent / Guardian must be present during appointment for up to 16 year olds*

Face Reflexology

Face Reflexology uses the face like a map to the body and it’s systems. In the same way the feet can tell a lot about our health and wellness, so can the face.
These techniques designed by award winning facialist, Ziggie Bergman, are incorporated into a sequence that allows the nervous system to fully relax.
The pressure is light, and the sequence is rhythmical.

Your face is left glowing and relaxed. Although not a facial an improvement in skin tone is often evident.

  • Can Assist With Headaches/Migraines
  • Emotional Upset
  • Rebalancing The Body
  • Digestive Issues
  • TMJ
  • Lymphatics
  • Skin Tone

Zoe Ross, Kate Hurren

Approx 50mins/1hr - £75

Our Therapist:

Zoe Ross

Zoe Ross

Reflexologist and Massage Therapist

Zoë is an experienced Reflexologist and Massage Therapist, specialising in Therapeutic treatments. Incorporating Myofascial, clinical and holistic techniques.

Claudia Bruen

Claudia Bruen


Claudia is a Reflexologist and is experienced in treating all areas of health and well-being but has a special interest and knowledge of how Reflexology can assist with fertility.

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