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Most athletes will experience an injury at some point during their training. The two broad categories of injury are chronic injuries which are considered those which come on gradually such as runners knee, tennis elbow and shin splints and Acute which are sudden onset of sharp pain usually related to an injury.

Any injury can be extremely frustrating for the athlete and in order to prevent them happening again there are a number of measures that can be taken.

At the Claygate clinic we offer the following services to help with injury prevention.



Sports injury

Our Treatments


Chiropody For Gait Analysis

Chiropody Claygate Clinic

Have a look at your feet, are they flat or noticeably swollen around the big toe joint. Are there areas of hard skin where increased pressure is being placed or is there uneven wear on the soles of your shoes? If so, consider a biomechanics assessment with our podiatry team.

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Osteopathy For Joint stiffness

Many sports injuries can be a result of stiffness in other joints which we don't even know we have. This stiffness can be due to old injuries and scar tissue formation, muscle imbalance from bad habits, curvature of the spine and more. We can provide a full assessment and/or treatment and advice

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Stress Management with NLP

Stress has been shown to cause increased muscle tension and coordination difficulties which can result in an increased risk of injury in an athlete. High levels of stress can slow muscle growth and repair. Stress management techniques have been shown to significantly reduce injury rates in athletes.

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Pilates Reformer

A personalised pilates plan can strengthen core muscles and If you have back injuries or muscular imbalance, it’s a great way to regain your strength. The focus on postural work during your class will help your spinal alignment and continued practice will help decrease the risk of future injuries.

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The Mobiliser™

Mobiliser Claygate Clinic

Used by professional athletes including Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Chris Hoy and Sally Gunnell MBE. The mobiliser is a specially designed bed with rollers built into it. The rollers gently travel along the length of the spine, neck, shoulders and legs using repetitive movements so your body is 'ironed out'.

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