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Facials have evolved a lot since the days of just a quick cleanse and moisturise. They can often be seen as a indulgent treatment but for many with skin concerns including Roseacea, Acne, Dull and Lacklustre skin, they can be transformative!

Lifting not only your facial muscles but your spirits too. We offer a range of holistic facials that incorporate natural organic products with sculpting techniques, stimulating collagen and elastin. Laura can also introduce you to the wonder of LED light therapy which has been proven to help calm inflamed skin and assist in reducing fine lines.

Facials can have lasting effects on your face, mood and mind.

Laura has trained with both Ziggie Bergman (Zone Facelift) and Abigail James (Rejuvology) She is a Gua Sha master, and loves to tailor her facials to suit you and your skin concerns.

* A 50% deposit will be taken prior to your treatment if it is longer than 1 hour. We kindly ask that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Any cancellations made after this time will be charged the full fee.

90 minute appointments available - £130

Please call to book as 90 minute sessions cannot be booked online

Benefits Of Facial Treatments:

  • Reduces Fine Lines
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Increases blood flow and therefore appearance and plumpness
  • Helps to tone facial muscles
  • Deeply Relaxing
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Improves Elastin
  • Relaxes the mind

Types Of facials We Offer:



Rejuvology is a holistic facial created by Abigail James, who has meticulously developed the facial massage techniques used in the treatment in over 20 years of clinical practice and advanced studies.  Rejuvology massage engages the muscles, fascia and lymphatic system promoting optimal blood and lymph flow, aiding detoxification, whilst also creating balance and flow to the body's energy.

You will experience a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your face, while the specialised techniques naturally and effectively restore the skin's suppleness promoting freedom and elasticity in your connective tissues.  This facial is ideal for achieving natural youthful radiance and emotional harmony.

An appropriate range of botanical and results driven IS Clinical skin care with proven active ingredients (pregnancy safe), will be selected according to your skin type.

Laura Stonehouse

75 mins - 90 mins - £150


Cancer Care Harmony Facial

Cancer Care Harmony Facial is designed for those undergoing cancer treatment. This facial works to gently awaken the senses while encouraging a restorative balance of harmony to the skin. Featuring IS Clinical therapeutic bio-nutrient, antioxidants and penetrating hydrators to gently restore tone and resilience to the skin.

Laura Stonehouse




Zone face Lift

The Zone Face Lift is a unique facial which naturally stimulates collagen and elastin, tightens and plumps sagging skin, sculpts the jaw and neckline, clears the skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and increases oxygen and blood flow. This award-winning facial treatment, created by world renowned Facialist and Reflexologist, Ziggie Bergman, helps to release emotions held in the face, leaving you looking softer, feeling calmer and with an overall greater sense of well-being, using the award winning Zone Face Lift Elixir to hydrate and nourish the skin. Experience the benefits in just one treatment or complete a course of 6 or 12.


1 hour - £90

90 minutes - £130

6 x 1hr sessions £495

Laura Stonehouse



Face Reflexology

as Ziggie Bergman states, 'the face provides a beautiful and precise tool to read what is going on within the body's internal organs, central nervous system and neuro-biological system. As tension in the face is gently released it can help the face feel and look smoother and more toned as you stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms.'

This is not a facial, though people often leave with a glow and smoother skin, it is a holistic treatment based on the principles of the ancient therapy of foot reflexology. A deeply relaxing treatment that allows the nervous system to relax deeply. Gentle and flowing, rhythmical and meditative.

  • Can Assist With Headaches/Migraines
  • Emotional Upset
  • Rebalancing The Body
  • Digestive Issues
  • TMJ
  • Lymphatic drainage of the face
  • Skin Tone
  • Releasing tension in the face and body.

Zoe Ross

Approx 50mins/1hr - £75


Dermalux LED Phototherapy Treatment

Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive light treatment that delivers clinically proven therapeutic light energy for rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory benefits without creating trauma, making it safe and suitable for all skin types.
How it works?
Specific wave lengths are absorbed by the skin to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production, resolving problem skin conditions such as acne and redness and accelerating skin healing. It is a safe and pain free treatment without downtime.

50 minutes - £80

What It Can Help:

The Dermalux LED Flex treats a range of skin conditions and concerns including:

  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Redness
  • Sensitive skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Wound healing

Laura Stonehouse


50 MInutes - £80

30 Minute Add On - £45

Dermalux LED Light Therapy Add On To Any Facial Treatment
Recommended to Accelerate Results of Facial Treatment

Courses of 12 available-please ask for details.

Dermalux Surrey


Our Therapists:

Laura Stonehouse

Laura Stonehouse

Relaxing massage Hot stone/Lava shell Facials

Laura is a holistic facial and massage therapist specialising in advanced facial massage techniques for skin rejuvenation, she is a Gua Sha Master having trained in Zone Face Lift, Indian Head Massage and Facial Cupping with Ziggie Bergman at the London School of Reflexology.

Zoe Ross

Zoe Ross

Reflexologist and Massage Therapist

Zoë is an experienced Reflexologist and Massage Therapist, specialising in Therapeutic treatments. Incorporating Myofascial, clinical and holistic techniques.

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