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The Mobiliser™ is a specially designed bed with rollers built into it. The rollers gently travel along the length of the spine, neck, shoulders and legs using repetitive movements so your body is literally 'ironed out'.

These gentle movements remove the tension in your joints and muscles throughout the body and the nervous system is switched in to a calm state.


What The Mobiliser™ Can Help:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Support manipulative treatments
  • Improve resilience in daily activities
  • Reduce inflammation and increase circulation levels
  • Create a positive circle of greater movement...greater fitness...greater movement


Try a free introductory session on the Mobiliser™

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About The Mobiliser™

The Mobiliser™ is used by professional athletes including Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Chris Hoy, Sally Gunnell MBE and Bernard Gallacher OBE.

The Mobiliser SystemTM was developed to help people who feel stuck in everlasting back pain. Typically used when pain has lasted 6+ months and hasn't responded to rest, drugs or treatment.

A recent Nato / MOD trial found The Mobiliser™ safe and effective..and that's why they use them every day in every rehab unit to beat back pain.

I had a spinal disc prolapse, which left my golfing career at great risk. I found the Mobiliser™ but was sceptical that it could help, but after 4 months I am back playing golf. I want to emphasise the sense of optimism that I have. Ive foudnout for myself that it is possible to restore spinal flexibility. I can strongly recommend the mobiliser!

- Bernard Gallacher OBE - Pro Golfer


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