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Password Depot 17.0.4 Free Download [Latest]


Password Depot 16 is a powerful and very user-friendly password manager that allows you to organize all your passwords, but also, for example, information from your credit cards or software licenses. The software protects your passwords in three ways: it stores your passwords securely, ensures your data is used securely, and helps you use strong passwords.

However, Password Vault not only guarantees security: it also offers ease of use, extensive customization options, significant flexibility in interoperability with other devices, and, ultimately, exceptional functional versatility. You can also download KeePass Password Safe. From now on, you only need to remember one password – the one you use to open the password vault.

Thanks to double encryption using AES (Rijndael 256), your passwords are maximally protected from outside access. You can save your passwords not only locally, but also on a USB device, mobile phone, network, or FTP server. With a password vault server, you can manage password files online and share them with your entire team. Password Depot is very easy to use and saves you a lot of work.

You can customize Password Depot 15 and tailor it exactly to your needs. Password Depot can work flexibly and seamlessly with a range of other applications.

Features of Password Depot 16 Full Download

Secure password storage:

  • Best possible encryption. At Password Depot, your data is encrypted not just once, but twice, using the AES or Rijndael-256 algorithm. In the USA, this algorithm is approved for highly secret government documents!
  • Double protection. You can protect your password files twice as securely. First, choose a master password that you must enter to open the file. Additionally, you can protect your data using a key file that you must download to open the file.
  • Protection against brute force attacks. Every time the master password is entered incorrectly, the program is blocked for three seconds. This makes attacks based on simply checking possible passwords (so-called brute force attacks) almost impossible.
  • Lock function. This feature locks your program, preventing unauthorized access to your passwords. You determine the blocking conditions yourself, for example whenever the program has not been used for a certain period of time.
  • Backups. Password Depot secures your password files. Backups can be stored on FTP servers on the Internet (also via SFTP) or on external hard drives. You can individually set the time interval between the creation of backups.

Safe handling of data:

  • Keylogger protection. All password fields in the program are internally protected from various types of keystroke interception (logging). This eliminates the possibility of your important records being intercepted.
  • A memory without traces. When working with your passwords, Password Depot 14 leaves no trace in your computer’s memory. Therefore, even a hacker sitting right at your computer and looking at its memory dumps won’t be able to find passwords.
  • Clipboard Protection: Password Vault automatically detects all active clipboard users and masks their keyboard changes. After autofill, all sensitive data is automatically deleted from the clipboard.
  • Virtual keyboard. Maximum protection against keyloggers. This tool allows you to enter your master password or other sensitive information without touching the keyboard. Password Depot does not imitate keystrokes, but uses an internal cache so that neither software nor hardware can intercept them. Fake mouse cursors. When typing on the program’s virtual keyboard, you can also set the program to display multiple dummy mouse cursors instead of the usual single cursor. This also makes it impossible to recognize keyboard actions.

Verified passwords:

  • Unbreakable passwords. The integrated password generator creates practically uncrackable passwords for you. This way, you won’t have to use Honey passwords in the future, which can be cracked in just a few minutes.
  • I checked the quality of the password. Let Password Depot check the quality and security of your passwords! Intelligent algorithms check your passwords and warn you about weak passwords, which you can later change using the password generator.
  • Password policy. You can define the basic security requirements that any passwords you add or change must meet. For example, you can set the minimum length of passwords and the characters they contain.
  • Security warnings. Password Vault includes a list of warnings to ensure your passwords are always secure. For example, the program warns you if you are using an insecure FTP protocol and recommends that you use SFTP instead.
  • Protection against dictionary attacks. An important warning in Password Vault is to notify you when you use weak passwords. These are commonly used passwords, which is why they appear in hacker dictionaries and are easy to crack. Password expiration warning. You can set up your password vault to notify you when your passwords expire, such as before your credit card expires. This ensures that your password information is always current and valid.

Convenient access:

  • User-friendly control panel. Password Depot’s user interface is similar to that of Windows Explorer. This allows you to efficiently navigate through password lists and quickly find any password you are looking for.
  • Autocomplete. If you want, Password Depot will automatically populate your password information on websites that open in regular browsers. This function is triggered on the one hand by internal settings and on the other hand by so-called browser add-ons.
  • Automatic recognition. You can set the program to automatically detect which password information matches the website you are accessing, and then pre-select that password entry for you and automatically enter that information into the website if necessary.
  • Top bar. The shape of the program can be reduced to a narrow strip, the position of which can be determined individually: freely movable or glued to the edge of the screen (application desktop toolbar). This way you always have the software at hand without being disturbed.
  • Open websites directly. URLs belonging to password entries stored in the password vault can be opened directly from the program. This saves you from manually copying website addresses and then pasting them into your browser.
  • Use a mouse click. Using the password information can be done easily with a click of the mouse. With one click, you can copy the data to the clipboard and even drag it directly to the target field on the website.
  • Hotkeys. The Password Vault has keyboard shortcuts for commonly used Windows commands (“hot keys”). With these hotkeys, you can easily change the format of the password vault to a top bar or bring it to the foreground if it is minimized in the taskbar.
  • Garbage can. Password vault has a recycle bin that stores deleted password data that can be recovered. This way, any data you may have accidentally deleted will not be lost forever.

Flexible interaction:

  • Server module. Password Vault has a separate server model that allows multiple users to access the same passwords at the same time. Access to password files is possible both over a local network and over the Internet.
  • Flash drive. You can copy both the password files and the Password Depot program itself to a USB drive. This allows you to take files and software with you wherever you go and always have them close at hand.
  • Cloud devices. Password Depot supports web services such as Google, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Dropbox. In this way, the password vault makes logging into the cloud quick and easy!
  • Internet password files. If you want, you can publish your encrypted password files on the Internet. So you always have access to your passwords, no matter where you are! You can use the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or SFTP protocols for access, depending on your needs.
  • TAN support. Password Depot supports the entry and management of TAN numbers. Thus, it makes life easier for all users who resort to online banking by securely storing their important bank details.
  • URL placeholder. When entering URLs into your password vault, you can replace any number of characters with wildcards, namely the asterisk (*). So use this with. The icon allows you to map multiple URLs to a single password entry instead of entering an entry for each URL.

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Release Information:

  • Title: AceBIT Password Depot v17.0.4
  • Developer: AceBIT
  • Language: Multilingual
  • License: Shareware
  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Link: Password Depot 17.0.4 Free Download [Latest]