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4 Tips To Help Desk Based Aches

2020 saw a huge rise in the number of people working from home. Unsuitable working conditions has led to an increase in neck, shoulder and back pain.

Here are my top tips for how to ease those aches and pains:

Tip 1 – Get set

When you sit on your work chair at that start of the work day –check if is it fitted to you, especially if you are hot-desking or part-time at the desk. It is the most important piece of equipment in your workday.

Tip 2 – Posture check

Start with your chair – does the chair back fit into the curve of your lower back?
When you have done this check that your feet are flat on the floor, if not try a footrest
Adjust your chair and monitor so that the top of your monitor is level with your eyes
Bend your elbows to 90 degrees with shoulders relaxed and dropped
Then the underside of your fingers should be just over the keys, as if you were playing a piano
Tip 3 – Give yourself a break

Its hard to tear yourself away from some work when you are on a roll, but getting out of your chair every 30 minutes will decrease the aches and pains. So set your calendar or watch to remind you to get up regularly.

Tip 4 – Motion is Lotion

When you adjust your position and walk around, you prevent the muscles from overstrain. So just getting up for a drink or taking a comfort break can help.